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    Albany, NY (PRWEB) November 28, 2004

    It turns out the secret is using small amounts of capsaicin in combination with essential oils and herbals designed to carry the medicinal power of peppers without any of the burn often associated with hot peppers. PepperCare skin conditioning cream uses the smallest amount of all natural capsaicin combined with a Shea Butter base and 12 other clinically proven active herbal ingredients to create a cream that seems to chase away wrinkles, and many chronic skin conditions within just a few applications.

    Barely a year ago, the idea of a natural pepper cream that made for daily skin care would have sounded impossible since we all know how hot cayenne peppers can be. But within that year, SiCap Industries has grown from a tiny basement company to a full scale manufacturing operation all on the success of the now world famous Sinus Buster.

    ?When we started, everyone thought it was a joke. They were like come on ? hot pepper nasal spray? Even doctors were put off at first even though a lot of them already knew we based our science on true clinical evidence. Within six months, we had doctors and their patients going nuts for Sinus Buster since they realized it really did work. After the Wall Street Journal ran an article about our incredible nasal spray everyone started to really take us seriously. Today, everyone is starting to look at us as a leader in capsaicin products, and we?ve been research capsaicin cream as a skin conditioner for some time now and we?ve finally come up with an incredible daily skin cream. It immediately reverses chronic dry skin, but it also cleanses and desensitizes problem and oily skin. We?ve some up with a formula that delivers a dosage of capsaicin that?s actually higher than some arthritis pain creams yet there is no burning sensation whatsoever,? says Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries.

    Perry says the secret is in SiCap?s special base of natural ingredients featuring shea butter and 13 other clinically proven skin conditioners. Perry says shea butter has been used for centuries to fight a multitude of skin conditions, and internal illnesses. It?s true that Shea Butter has been clinically proven to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and it?s reputation is fast becoming one of an anti-aging compound.

    ?The shea butter in peppercare cream is definitely important, but we also use other natural active ingredients that you won?t find in other skin creams?be it night creams, eye creams, wrinkle creams, or even anti-inflammatory preparations. For instance we use an extremely rare form of yucca root that allows our silky cream to also provide a mild exfoliation without the user even realizing it. Our cream is delicately whipped into a mousse of sorts and it penetrates the skin on contact. A tiny bit goes a long way and the results are immediate,? boasts Perry.

    Indeed PepperCare has a unique smell and texture. It?s definitely whipped into a fine mousse, and the second you rub it into your skin you feel it working. Within seconds, dry hands are new again, and facial wrinkles and lines immediately begin to reduce in appearance, and best of all it doesn?t burn at all. In fact, this cream isn?t even hot, but it does immediately give your skin a tingling alive feeling.

    ?Once you put this on your face it feels as if you just washed your face. It feels so clean and smooth. When I first used it, I thought the pepper might bother me, but you can barely tell it?s there. It really makes your skin feel fresh and it tightens up my age lines right away. There?s no heat at all?just a little tingling, and I do smell a subtle black pepper aroma,? says Gina Hubert of Catskill, NY.

    Hubert says she has definitely seen great results from using PepperCare cream, and she goes on to say she uses it faithfully every day at bedtime and in the morning. One benefit Hubert has also noticed is that the phantom pains she used to feel along her left cheek have mostly disappeared although she?s not sure if that?s due to the cream.

    ?I?ve been dealing with neuropathic pain in my face for a few years now nothing seems to help. I?ve been on all kinds of topical stuff from my doctor and I even tried acupuncture. The acupuncture did give me some relief at first, but then as time went by the pain got worse and worse. My doctor had told me to use capsaicin arthritis cream in tiny bits, but it burned like hell. The PepperCare cream doesn?t burn me at all, but I?m not sure if it?s just a coincidence that my pain is gone. Sometimes I go into a remission of sorts, but I haven?t felt this good in a long time. Either way I love Peppercare. It works for me,? Hubert explains.

    Aside from studies that do show capsaicin to be effective against topical pain, there have also been studies showing this unique pepper extract may also be highly effective against dermatitis and acne due to its? thermal heat action and super anti-microbial properties, but SiCap?s management points out that there?s much more to PepperCare cream than Capsaicin.

    ?Along with our capsaicin, shea butter, and yucca root, we also use exotic oils such as kukui oil from Hawaii and organic green tea extract. And we don?t just add the minimal amounts juts for the sake of getting the ingredients on the label. These are true active ingredients. For instance our grapeseed extract and green tea are each added at three percent to volume. We also use grapefruit seed extract and T-50 vitamin E oil along with a host of other plant based ingredients. This is a very unique formula that?s already getting rave reviews,? says Rob Sasso, a SiCap VP.

    SiCap is promoting PepperCare cream as ?3 creams in one?. It?s a night cream for daily wrinkle fighting. It?s hand and body lotion that revitalizes tired dry skin. And finally, it?s a topical antimicrobial agent that fights a multitude of chronic skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, and related forms of dermatitis.

    To learn more about PepperCare skin conditioning cream visit the official website at ( You can also find out about PepperCare and all the other SiCap Capsaicin products including the Sinus Buster at ( Samples of ?PepperCare? and ?Sinus Buster? are available to verifiable media and medical personnel upon request by using the company contact information provided with this release.

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